Upgrading during lockdown – the changes we’ve made at Falkirk Business Hub

Aug 5, 2020

Like many businesses, we had big plans for 2020. We wanted to invest in our facilities and online presence. When the coronavirus lockdown happened, we had a choice – try and carry on with those plans or put everything on hold while we waited to see what would happen.

With most tenants either working offsite or not working at all and many of our own staff on furlough, the plans we had for 2020 looked in jeopardy. However, with far fewer people around during the day, it was also the perfect time to undertake any improvements once restrictions allowed. We decided to press on. We wanted to make sure that when our tenants returned, they’d be pleasantly surprised not only with the safety measures we’d put in place, but also with all the improvements we’d made. So, our Centre Manager Kenny got to work to see what could be done during lockdown.

Stylish socially-distanced meeting rooms

The first-floor conference suite was due for an upgrade in 2020. We had a new design ready for each of the rooms and we were keen to get started. While lockdown restrictions initially limited the amount of work we could undertake, we could still order our new lighting, wall displays and furniture ready for installation when we were allowed. We also had to do a lot of measuring to make sure our rooms could be set up to meet social distancing requirements.

With a new colour scheme, modern lighting and new, on-brand wall displays, our conference suite and meeting rooms are now open and can be booked either individually or together. We’ve limited the capacity of the rooms just now to comply with the restrictions still in place. With full Wi-Fi and wall mounted screens, they are perfect to use for videoconferencing, face-to-face meetings, and ‘blended’ meetings with attendees both in the room and dialling in from elsewhere.

Upgraded internet connection

Lockdown led to the rise of the Zoom meeting and all things digital. We know this is a trend that will continue even as lockdown restrictions ease. With many employees likely to work flexibly between home and the office, and with the need to prepare for localised lockdowns, we’ve upgraded the internet connection to the building to 1Gb. This will help our tenants keep in touch with staff working from home on any given day as well as hold virtual meetings with customers and co-workers without interruption or delays.

Cloud-based phone systems

We’ve replaced our old phone system with a new cloud-based system. This means that our businesses can now link their company landlines to their mobile phones. This gives our tenants greater flexibility as they and their staff return to work, making it easier to work from home when necessary and still take calls as normal. It’s also great for businesses where staff spend a lot of time out of the office as part of their normal operations.

A new Falkirk Business Hub website

We’ve wanted to update our website for a while now and what better time to do it than during lockdown! We wanted a design that was more user-friendly and better reflected our offering to tenants and the local business community in the Falkirk area. This is one task that could be done without restriction and we had the time and space to be able to do it. We’re delighted with the end result, and it will be the ‘hub’ of our digital presence and communications moving forward.

So, lockdown was a busy time for Falkirk Business Hub. We’ve put in place a range of safety measures to meet social distancing requirements and to keep our staff and tenants safe. Importantly, we’ve also been able to make upgrades that make it easier for our tenants to operate in the new normal and for other businesses to use our facilities in a way that is safe and cost-effective to do so.