The art of co-working collaboration – the inspiration behind our new mural in the Hub Lounge

Jan 23, 2023

In 2022, we set out our mission to make Falkirk Business Hub a place that people want to come to work. As we emerged from the pandemic and work patterns continued to shift, our MD, Nick Watson, outlined his aim is to create a fun, ‘cool’ space that people enjoy working in. Falkirk Business Hub is known as a high-quality business centre. Now we’re adding extra features to enhance the experience for people who work here, including a new mural celebrating the art of co-working collaboration.

The new mural in our co-working Hub Lounge celebrates our home in the historic town centre and our role as a place to ‘meet, work, create’. We commissioned Ukrainian artist Tetiana Hurn who recently arrived in Scotland from her homeland to create the artwork. It was a great collaboration that resulted in an outstanding, colourful mural celebrating Falkirk and the spirit of partnership.

Creating an environment for success in the Hub Lounge

We asked Tetiana to describe her inspiration for her vibrant ‘Art of Collaboration’ mural in our co-working space.

“When I first visited Falkirk, it felt like a place that is called to be a meeting point. It has a great location in central Scotland between two major cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s the ideal place to connect business and culture, combining rich history and modern views. It’s a hub to create successful new ventures. As a mural artist, I see the importance of creating an appropriate environment that is conducive to success.

“Straight away, I connected all the main features of the town`s surroundings: the diverse directions and attractions on the Forth and Clyde and Union canals. They act like a beautiful web surrounding the town, with its historical core at the centre.

“Painting old architecture was an additional delight, creating a special atmosphere in an illustrative graphic style. It felt as though I was a part of the construction site centuries ago. What an honour to depict the Hub itself which is an architectural pearl. Built in 1894, the building used to be a Post Office. Another great landmark in the central composition is the Steeple. The time on the clock tower is 18:14 – the year it was built and a symbolic tribute to its history.”

Celebrating business partnerships and co-working

Tetiana also outlines how the mural celebrates collaboration and co-working: “My note to successful business partnership is a small but important image in the middle of the composition. There you’ll find two people sitting on the bench. They are business partners who quietly enjoy the scenery after discussing a significant project. They represent the art of great co-working collaboration – something I personally experienced when creating the mural.

“As a Ukrainian artist recently settled in Scotland and just starting my artistic journey here, I was blessed to have business partners Nick Watson and Alex Sham from Falkirk Business Hub as my first clients. Thanks also Isle of Skye Paint Company who supplied me with quality, eco-friendly paint made here in Scotland. My special thanks to my 8 years old son Nikolai – my biggest fan and great helper. He was part of the story from the beginning to end and his little hands are literally on the mural!”

Hub Lounge members welcome the new mural

We’re delighted with our new mural celebrating the art of co-working collaboration in our Hub Lounge. It’s been a hit with our Hub Lounge members and occasional visitors alike. More changes are coming to our co-working area, so watch this space! If you’re interested in becoming a Hub Lounge member or want to book co-working, please call 01324 614000.