Looking ahead to the post-pandemic workplace

Jul 27, 2021

Looking ahead to the post-pandemic workplace

It’s been a long, hard slog but finally we’re beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. The relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions has continued as the vaccine roll out has progressed and many businesses are starting to tentatively plan for a post-pandemic future.

The last 16-months have been hard for everyone individually but also incredibly challenging for businesses. During that time, our tenants at Falkirk Business Hub have had to adapt to everything from a full lockdown to the introduction of the Levels system and ever-changing regulations. We’ve had to adapt with them and implement changes to make our building as COVID-secure as possible while continuing to provide the services our tenants need. It’s been a rollercoaster.

The future of work

Going forward, we’ve been looking at what the future might hold and what our clients will want. There’s been lots of speculation about how people will work after the pandemic. At the two extremes are organisations who are planning either a full return to how it was before or those who have already switched to a virtual operating model. In between, are those that are considering implementing ‘blended’ models of working. This will see staff mix working from home with spending some time in the office.

How Falkirk Business Hub has adapted

At Falkirk Business Hub, luckily for us, we are already catering to the needs of the different potential ways of working. We already offer flexible, easy-in, easy-out licenses for our serviced offices which are perfect for uncertain times or those who needed a more temporary secure office space to work from while travel is restricted. We also managed to find extra space for our tenants who wanted a bigger office area to meet social distancing requirements.

We adjusted our Hub Lounge from a fully flexible co-working space to a much lower occupancy space with a blend of fixed desks and co-working options with much lower frequency changeovers.  This included installing custom space dividers and introducing a greatly increased cleaning regime. We’ve upgraded our broadband so that it is even faster and more reliable than working from home. Watch this space for further changes to how this area of the building operates in the coming months. We plan to make it a more informal and adaptable space for both tenants and people dropping in.

Our meeting rooms are easy to adapt to social distancing requirements, with capacity limited to 50% (or lower) as required. They’re now increasingly being used for team meetings for staff who work remotely but occasionally need to meet face to face as well as training and seminars with reduced attendee levels. For those who have decided to opt for a fully virtual model, our virtual office services also offer the benefits of an office and fixed location without the associated costs.

Meet, work, create

What we’ve missed most over the last year is the buzz of a busy building, but this is definitely returning with Finnegans café now open and people beginning to return to the workplace in a safe manner.  We’ve seen a considerable take up of the limited vacant office space as people plan how their businesses will work going forward as we hopefully move down the tiers of restrictions. So much so, that we only have a limited number of offices still available.

We’re called Falkirk Business Hub because we’re at the heart of the town in Falkirk and we’re at the heart of a vibrant business community too. We missed holding and hosting events, seeing people mixing, meeting, and networking. We’re hoping that it won’t be too long until we get fully back to that again – so that we can be the perfect place for people to ‘meet, work, create’ once more.