Fitness & Wellness

Onsite wellness at Life Fit

Our onsite wellness centre is provided by Life Fit where a skilled and professional team promote a unique healthcare and exercise experience enabling you to be Work Fit, Sport Fit and Life Fit.

Life Fit Wellness strives to be at the forefront of professional change, driving forward clinical and exercise standards. They promote an integrated healthcare and exercise service allowing clinicians and exercise professional staff the opportunity to maximise client support by referring easily  ‘in-house’ to a trusted multi-disciplinary team.

They promote a ‘hands-on’ and supportive environment while working to empower individuals to be well. Life Fit want clients to move well, live well and stay well enabling them to be work fit, sport fit, life fit.

Life Fit provide a range of treatments and classes including physiotherapy, sports massage, pilates, nordic walking and physiofit – to find out more visit the Life Fit Wellness website here.