Helping Drac Logistics support those in need in Falkirk

Feb 28, 2022

Our tenant, Drac Logistics, is doing its bit to help those in need. The logistics services company has started to collect and deliver goods to the local foodbank in Falkirk. This is part of a national effort to support local foodbanks taking place across all three of their locations in the UK.

Drac Logistics made their first delivery in February from the local Asda store and deliveries are now taking place every Thursday. The foodbank is in touch with Drac Logistics every Monday to let them know the items of food and goods they need so that Drac Logistics can donate the relevant items.

Donations for the local foodbank

We’re delighted to support Drac Logistics efforts to help those in need in our local community. From Monday 7 March, we will start collecting donations for the foodbank at our reception in Falkirk Business Hub. Our tenants and business centre users are invited to drop off their own donations for us to store and provide to Drac Logistics on a weekly basis. All we ask is that you leave details of who the donation came from so that the charity knows who is donating. The cut off for donations will be Wednesday of each week so that we can package up all items ready for delivery on Thursday.

What to donate

Right now, the foodbank is focussing on tinned food and hygiene products. If you want to donate food, items with a longer expiry date are preferred if possible. The foodbank will also accept some clothing. New children’s coats are especially welcome at this time of year. After they made their first delivery to the Falkirk foodbank in February, Drac Logistics advised us that the shelves were looking pretty empty. So, all donations, no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated.

We’d like to thank any tenants and business centre users in advance for any donations you make. With the cost of living going up, we are pleased to help those in our community who are finding it hard to make ends meet. We’d also like to say a big thank you to Drac Logistics for letting us know of their efforts to support our local foodbank and for giving us the opportunity to get involved.

Find out more about foodbanks and the work of The Trussell Trust.