Creating a flexible workspace where we can Meet, Work, Create

Aug 19, 2022

In the last few months, there’s been a new buzz about the Hub. People have returned to their desks as offices have filled up and events have started to be held regularly again. It once again feels like a place where people can meet, work, create.

Our conference and seminar suite has also returned to hosting larger events as restrictions eased. We were delighted to co-host Let’s Network with the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce at the start of August. It was a great success, with over 40 business owners and entrepreneurs from across the area attending the sell-out networking event.

Nick Watson, MD at Tartan Commercial who own Falkirk Business Hub, was there and gave a brief talk on his vision for business centres in the future. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many predicted the end of the office and city and town centre locations as people switched to working from home. This proved premature as many people have now switched just as seamlessly to hybrid working and enjoying seeing colleagues back in the office.

A place people want to work

With near 100% occupancy once again at the Hub, Nick outlined his vision of the future. With greater competition from alternative places to work, business centres need to become places people want to work. The aim at Falkirk Business Hub and others in the Tartan Commercial group is to create a fun, ‘cool’ space that operates more like a hospitality venue than simply business premises. Giving people the right environment to work productively is part of Falkirk Business Hub’s core mission to be a place where people meet, work, create.

We’ll be developing that mission further in the future and we’re now progressing plans to develop our Hub Lounge communal working area. It was adapted to provide dedicated desk space during the pandemic. As we move on from the restrictions of recent years, we’re looking at ways to make this a more collaborative and fun space to be. A place where we can meet, work, create! Look out for updates as we develop our plans!

If you would like to book any of our meeting rooms for a networking event or find out more about the office and co-working space available here at Falkirk Business Hub, please get in touch with our Centre Manager, Alex on 01324 614000.