Try “Nordic Walking” with Life-Fit

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Nordic Walking is a safe, natural, dynamic fun activity where the use of a specially designed pair of Nordic Walking poles is added to your regular natural walking technique.

Correct technical use of the poles helps maintain good posture and integrates the activation of your upper body into the walking, simply meaning you work more muscles at a higher rate!

Nordic Walking can burn similar amounts of calories as running, swimming or aerobics but without the effort being so noticeable.

One of the best things about Nordic Walking is that it can be done almost anywhere and in places where you would normally walk; grass, canal paths, tarmac.

Why Do I Need To Attend a Workshop?

Learning the correct technique of movement with the Nordic Walking poles means you will benefit more from the activity.

Using the poles properly means the physical strain of the walking is distributed to various muscle groups of the body in a versatile, balanced and appropriate way.

What will happen in a Nordic Walking Session?

Your instructor will meet you at a prearranged venue. You will be provided with a pair of poles suitable for your height.  The class will be small (maximum 6 participants) and will comprise of a warm up session and technique instructions.  Once your instructor feels you are ready they will accompany you on a planned route around the park/area.

What Should I Wear?

As with most outdoor activities you should be prepared for changes in the weather but we would recommend a few thin layers rather than thick ones.

Do I need to buy poles?

Initially for your workshop session and booked outings with us we can loan you poles.  However if you wish to take up Nordic Walking as a regular activity we would recommend you purchase your own set of poles.  We can recommend a good supplier.

How Can I Learn?

Arlene Bowmaker is a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor trained to the standards of the International Nordic Walking Association.  Life Fit offer workshops to help you learn the techniques of Nordic Walking and group sessions at local parks.  Please contact for more information or call us on 01324 614 044.