Tenant Tuesday: Swimtime

Swimtime, based within Falkirk Business Hub, offers swimming lesson services for both children and adults. The company has 19 franchises across the UK each with independent teachers who teach thousands of pupils every day, across the country. Swimtime are known for their high standards, in addition to effective and fun methods of teaching.

Children’s lessons

Swimtime understand how it important it is to parents for their children to learn to swim. They provide both group lessons and 1-2-1’s and are happy to discuss with any parent what they think would be best for their child. The three different types of classes available are:

1. Children’s groups (aged 4 to 11)

swimtime groupGroup lessons are arranged according to the children’s ability and experience in the water. The classes start from beginners all the way through to challenge classes where the children will work on Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Classes can also include the opportunity to work on water polo or synchronised swimming skills.

For those children who are experienced and really enjoy swimming they can attend a Masterclass where they will continue a progressive fitness programme without the pressure of a competitive environment. The pupils can work towards receiving the Platinum award, while working on survival, rescue and advanced swimming skills.

The team at Swimtime can speak with you if you are unsure of what class to book your child into. More details on the different levels of group children classes can be found here.

2. Swimtime (baby groups from 0 to 4)

These classes are a parent & baby swim class and helps the baby feel really secure whilst getting used to being in the water. It also provides a swimtime babyparent a great way to bond with their child and since the classes are very sociable it allows parents to meet other parents with children the same age.

More information on these can be found here.

3. One-2-Ones (aged 0 to 16)

If a child needs a bit of extra attention; for example, if they are nervous about getting into the pool or require additional teaching on a particular skill, then a one-2-one class is suggested by the team at Swimtime. They also offer one-2-ones for children with special needs. swimtime one

The good thing about these kind of classes is that the parent can choose what is taught, in addition to when they would like the lesson and also having the ability to choose the teacher.

To find out more click here.

Adult lessonsswimtime adult

The Swimtime team believe that you are never to old to learn to swim and teach all the way up to age 99! They offer classes for total beginners as well as those who are simply looking to improve their technique. These classes are taught one a one-2-one basis.

Swimtime teachers are very experienced in teaching adults and are able to reassure you and deal with any anxieties that you may have. There is no need to be embarrassed!

Classes near you

Swimtime operates all across Scotland so you can find out where there is a swimming pool near you. Swimtime are always adding new pools so always keep an eye out for new locations being added.

At Swimtime they don’t believe in waiting lists so when you get in touch they will be able to find a place in a class that suits as soon as possible.

Do you want to be a swimming teacher?

Swimtime are always looking for new Swim teachers to join their expanding team. If you are a qualified, independent swimming teacher looking to work with an organisation then Swimtime might just be your answer! You can teach in your own unique approach and for more details click here.

Get in touch

Full details of everything mentioned in this feature can be found on their website. To contact the team you can enter your postcode on their website and from there they will provide you with a phone number of your local office as well as an email contact to reach them directly.

If you’d like to keep up to date with all their news then you can follow Swimtime on Twitter.