Tenant Tuesday: Step Up


Step Up


Have you heard of Step Up? Based within Falkirk Business Hub, they offer a Housing Support and Care at home service to help support people into independent living. Enhancing people’s quality of life by providing support in their own home and in the community that will improve their life chances, their living environment and their wellbeing, is at the forefront of Step Up’s principles.


What do they do?

The organisation is registered Care Inspectorate and offers their services to people ages 16 and over. This may include young people who are vulnerable, looked after or formerly looked after by local authorities, care leavers and those at risk of homelessness.


Some examples of supporting young people to manage the transition to independence include:

  • Support with maintaining their accommodation and developing the independent living skills to achieve and maintain their tenancy.
  • Securing work, education or training and the skills required to achieve this.
  • Promoting positive social relationships and active participation in the community via involvement in health recreational activities.
  • Financial management and budgeting skills.
  • Self-care skills.
  • Emotional, sexual, physical and mental health/wellbeing.


Support Plans

Each young person involved in the Step Up programme will get their own Personal Support Plan which is developed based upon their individual needs.

Staff are trained in what to consider when drafting individual support plans and the views and opinions of the young person involvement of their Person Support Plan is recorded.

These supports plans aim to:


  • Meet their personal support needs.
  • Identify and meet young person’s throughcare and aftercare needs.
  • Provide and participate in appropriate care planning, review and assessment whilst ensuring young people are central to these processes.
  • Promote a holistic and integrated approach to their needs.
  • Manage risk and ensure that procedures and arrangements are in place to assess risk and review and monitor young people who maybe a potential risk to themselves or others


Quality and Outcomes

Step Up aims to provide outcomes focused services to all service users so they can achieve their goals, aspirations and priorities.

The service is designed and delivered to be right for the person and to achieve identified, individual outcomes of care. Their values are incorporated through monitoring and improving the quality of the service through a quality assurance mechanism, which includes consultation and the involvement with the people who use the service.


Job opportunities


If you are looking for a career change or you’re already in the industry but want to try something new, then Step Up could be your answer.  You can get in touch with them to get an application pack which underlines their approach to safeguarding the welfare of young people that we support. Their recruitment process is different from the normal care company, they don’t accept CV’s!


Student Placements

Step up work in partnership with further and higher education providers to provide a range of opportunities for students. While it will depend on the nature of the request, Step Up aims to help students find a placement to suit their needs.



Volunteers are an important and valued part of Step Up. It can be a very rewarding experience and play a pivotal role in delivering our aims and objectives. Volunteering can be very rewarding and will look great on a CV.


More details can be found here.


Getting in touch

If you would like an application pack or to find out more how Step Up can help you or a loved one you can contact them here. They are also on twitter so give them a follow.