Tenant Tuesday: Source Telecom

This weeks Tenant Tuesday features Source Telecom who are an independent broker of telecommunications solutions for both small and large businesses. They take a fresh approach to their clients’ telecoms needs, provide solutions to help them become more efficient, and offer independent and impartial advice.

Who are they?

souce team

They’re a small but perfectly formed team of eight experts in the industry, led by Susan Arkley. With over 60 years collective experience in the industry, Source Telecom are able to find solutions that genuinely fit with the needs of your business.

Their clients come from a variety of industry sectors but they have a particular appreciation of the telecoms issues faced by the construction, professional services, transport, engineering, and manufacturing industries, as well as the third sector.

What do they do?

Source Telecom provide a single point of contact for their customers’ voice, data and networking needs across the United Kingdom. 

Their solutions include:

Business landlines

Source offer great call tariffs and savings of at least 10% on line rental. Not only that, they promise to be faster and better than the UK’s largest provider when it comes to order process, delivery of service, and customer service.

Business mobiles

Source Telecom can help make sure you are on the right network & tariff while using the correct handset to meet your business needs. They can also help with effectively integrating mobile technology into your business services

Business broadband and fibre

source broadbandThe Dream Team at Source can wax lyrical about EFTC, ADSL, and FTTC but at the end of the day, what they can provide in terms of how they connect your business boils down to what’s available in your area, and how much you have to invest.

Regardless of your business size, Source can find out what broadband services are available at your premises, then spend time getting to know what your business connectivity needs are.

Mobile Device Management

source mdmIf you have a fleet of devices in use within your business then MDM is a gem of a solution and one that gets the Source team excited! This will allow you to take centralised control of your fleet of devices.

Why not see for yourself? You can call Source and quote FBH-MDM and arrange a free demo.

Vehicle Tracking

source trackingSource can offer you complete visibility of your staff and fleet vehicles from only £10 per month.

Customer benefits include better workforce time management, reduced fuel costs, less wear and tear on your fleet vehicles, and their tracking solutions ensure you comply with your legal obligations if you employ lone/remote workers.

Why choose them?

There are lots of reasons to choose Source Telecom but here are our top just a few:-

(1)    They’re based right here in Falkirk Business Hub and all calls come directly into their office.

No more far-flung call centres and time wasted while you wait in line in your network providers phone queue. 

(2)    A dedicated account handler from their experienced customer services team will be assigned to look after your account.

A fully managed service, and they’ll get to know your business so that they can provide advice on other cost-saving solutions.

(3)    They choose their technology partners carefully to ensure they’re a good fit for their customers’ needs.

They have dedicated teams in those companies working on their behalf – this makes them even more effective when they’re working for you.

(4)    They’ll regularly review your bills and have a first-class track record of obtaining credits for billing errors.

They can save your business money month, after month, after month

(5)    Their monthly billing checks often show where your business could be saving more money, whether there has been any overspends, or if your employees (heaven forbid) should abuse the telephony service.

Get in touch

If you’d like to know more, or if you like what you’ve read and want to make the switch to Source, call them on 01324 469146 or visit their website. You can also connect with the team on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.