Tenant Tuesday: Select Investment Managers

Select Inv Mgrs

Select Investment Managers are based within The Hub in addition to another four offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston and Stirling.

The team at Select are experienced financial advisers who provide face to face financial planning for both individual and corporate clients throughout Scotland. Specialisations include pensions, savings & investments, estate planning and protection.

Financial planning can be of upmost importance to people, especially those with investments or assets. From minimising inheritance tax to effective management of pension plans, Select offer a range of services. The following are areas which they identify where financial planning can be particularly beneficial:


Many people have savings account paying negligible interest, so in essence their money is depreciating as prices rise. Expert advice from the team in Falkirk, or at one of the other offices, can help to manage savings.  The recommendations made for each client’s savings depend on their own personal circumstances but they can be influenced by several factors including:

–          Salary and income levels

–          Frequency of withdrawal

–          Willingness to transfer funds


From salary and dividends to inheritances and trusts, income can take many different forms. With these different types of income, tax can become very confusing and people may struggle to get their head round it.

Family security

As well as life insurance, Select Investment Managers can help answer any questions surrounding your family’s security. Are there any particularly tax-efficient ways to dispose of your estate?  Do you have relevant and appropriate policies in place? The team at Select can help you answer these questions!


These are financial commitments that often require expert management to help maximise potential returns they can bring.

Retirement planning

With the state pension being increasingly modest and the age which people can claim gradually rising it is important for individuals to consider other ways to plan for their retirement. This includes buy-to-let properties or other investment vehicles which are often popular options when saving for retirement.

A regular pension review can ensure that the most suitable path is being taken in terms of risk and rates of return for each of the organisations clients. Those who will soon be reaching retirement, or are thinking to the future, can meet with a financial adviser in person and discuss the best options available.

Equity Release

Should you unlock the equity in your home?

You may be wondering what equity release is, so Select Investment Managers explain: Equity release describes the process of generating cash from an owned property, releasing one or more tax-free cash lump sums that can be spent on practically anything. There is no impact on an owner-occupier’s ability to continue living in the property, although equity release will obviously reduce the value of any future inheritance left to descendants. Nevertheless, equity release can help people to remain in a property they otherwise couldn’t afford to continue living in; it can also help with everything from clearing historic debts to fully enjoying retirement.

Most homeowners will gradually build up equity in their properties while living there. From rising house prices to the capital repayments made on mortgage policies, the amount of debt secured on a property should decline with every passing year. This increases the level of equity provided by ownership of the property, even though this potential is often inaccessible – tied up in bricks and mortar.

Select Investment Managers understand that the decision about whether equity release is right for you is an important one, as such we will refer you to an expert. It involves a variety of considerations, from the impact on inheritances through to an analysis of current cash flow levels and our advisers appreciate that equity release may not be the right solution for everyone.

Meet with an advisor

If you would like more information on any of the services available, then you can arrange to meet with a financial advisor here. You can meet with them at the location most convenient to you by just answering a few quick questions.

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You can get in touch with the team by filling out their contact form on this link.