Tenant Tuesday: Renewable Heat

renewable logoThis weeks Tenant Tuesday features Renewable Heat, an installer of renewable heating systems offering both Air source and Ground source heating systems.

They operate all around Scotland, but mainly in the central belt.

What are the benefits of a renewable heating system?

1. These kinds of systems save you money on heating bills as you will be protected against future oil and gas prices.

2. It is clean and environmentally friendly


renewable vanAir source

Air source renewable energy heating pumps heat homes by extracting heat from the air and transferring it into the building. It works similarly to a fridge but in reverse with an efficient system supplying more energy that it consumes.

Ground source

These kind of heat pumps heat homes by extracting naturally occurring heat from the ground, through pipes, and transferring in into the house. The pumps transfer heat from the liquid in the pipes through a process of evaporation, which can case great savings on energy costs.

Underfloor heating

This one you might have heard of! This used pumps and warm water under the floor to make the heat. The heat is a lot more consistent than you would get from a radiator as since the heat is concentrated near the ground, energy will not be wasted heating air next to the ceiling. This type of system can be paired with an Air and/or Ground source pump.

The team

renewable barryrenewable richard

The team at Renewable Heat are committed to each and every job, and the engineers have a combined 20 years experience in the industry.

If you are interested in getting a renewable heating system then the dedicated team will be happy to meet for a consultation and give you the best possible advice.

The company has two Company Directors; Barry Sharp (left) and Richard Hailstones (right).

There is also three Heating engineers; Danny, Casper and Ryan (below left to right). They are there to meet all of your renewable heating needs.


renewable dannyrenewable casperrenewable ryan

 Case study

Renewable Heat has a variety of different clients who they work closely work with to ensure they meet all their required needs.

renewable barnA recent job saw the team at Renewable Heat install an Air Source heatpump as part of a renovation project in Linlithgow. The building was being converted from a historical stable into a stunning home.

In addition, the homeowners chose to have underfloor heating fitted throughout the building.

Another great advantage of this system was the ability to control their heating from their mobile phone or tablet. This can be done with both air and ground heat sources. renewable barn 2

A full list of case studies can be found on their website.

Get in touch

Full details of all of Renewable Heat’s services can be found on their website and you can get in touch with the team through their contact page.