Tenant Tuesday: Reaction Counselling

Within The Hub there are many local businesses including Cognitive Behavioural Therapists Reaction Counselling.

The team is made up of Fiona and Margaret who both have Diplomas in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).


What do they do?

The ladies provide confidential therapy sessions for those seeking counselling. Making this decision can allow you to embark on a journey of change to make the most of you!

In addition they offer psychotherapy sessions.

What does a session involve?

CBT is a collaborative therapy between you and your therapist which involves focusing on the present; however, Reaction Counselling will still explore something in the past if it is directly effecting you.

Clients are often very nervous for their first session but Fiona and Margaret will ensure you are relaxed and aim to help all clients through their difficulties so they can make the most of their lives. In this initial consultation, it is encouraged for clients to make goals based on what they expect to get from the therapy sessions. This will then pinpoint focus areas to be covered throughout the sessions.

CBT involves looking at the relationship between your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviours – changing just one of these can have have a knock on effect on the others.



Are you a tenant in The Hub? If so, the team at Reaction Counselling are offering a free 30 minute consultation for you to find out more about their services.

What can they help you with?

There is a range of mental health problems which Reaction can help you with including:

– Abuse

– Anger Management

– Anxiety

– Depression

– Insomnia


– Stress

– Phobias

Reaction are also introducing a new group class called ‘Introduction to Mindfullness’ in September, if this is something you would like to find out more about you can contact them via the details below.

Get in touch

If you think you or someone you know would be interested in Reaction Counselling then you can give Fiona a call on 07756 596421 or Margaret on 07518 038065. Alternatively, you can drop them an email on fmcbtherapy@gmail.com or mlcbtherapy@gmail.com. You can follow them on Twitter and also visit their website.