Tenant Tuesday: Life Fit Wellness

Do you know that we have a wellness centre onsite at The Hub? The skilled and professional team at Life Fit promote a unique healthcare and exercise experience which allows you to be Work Fit, Sport Fit and Life Fit.


life fit wellness logo fullLife Fit provides physiotherapy, sports injury, healthcare and exercise services from bespoke fitness studios on the ground floor at Falkirk Business Hub. In addition, the team provide physiotherapy services for individuals, groups and businesses throughout central Scotland.  Life Fit offers a unique integrated healthcare service which allows the clinicians and exercise professional staff to maximise client support by referring easily ‘in-house’ to a trusted multi-disciplinary team.


What do they do?

Life Fit offer a range of services…

Life Fit reception


The treatments that Life Fit provide all complement each other and offer a complete package for body and mind to help improve your health and wellbeing. From physiotherapy to sports massage and clinical psychology there are many to choose from – you can find out more on their website.


Life Fit offer a range of classes with no joining fee, no membership fee, no cancellation fee and no hidden costs.  Class numbers are kept small to maximise your experience and you can choose from a wide variety of classes including pilates, yoga and Nordic walking or unique Life Fit classes such as Physio Fit and Core Fit.  Here’s some that you might not know about:

Physio Fit

This exciting class, exclusive to Life Fit, is the perfect fusion of a sweat-inducing circuit session with technical movement control exercises. The class is designed, developed and delivered by our Physio and Sport Science experts.

Physio FitSo whether you are a sports person looking for a great conditioning session, completing end-stage injury rehab, or just looking for a slightly different approach to your workout, Physio Fit is for you.

Core Fit  Life Fit_Core Fit

Everyone’s heard of their ‘core’ but what does that mean? To Life Fit this means far more than a few ab crunches and a six pack. Core Fit follows the same fundamental principles as Physio Fit but has a focus on the hips, pelvis, torso and shoulders – what Life Fit think of as the Core!  The exercises can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and abilities and can accommodate previous injuries and specific goals – all guided by our Physio and sport science instructors in a small group class.

Forever Fit

This is a group exercise to music class designed to improve mobility, coordination, strength and balance. It’s ideal for older adults and those wanting a low impact exercise class.  Classes are planned with differing abilities in mind, participants are always encouraged to work at their own level and adaptations are available for beginners and the less mobile.  The music used reflects a variety of musical tastes hopefully providing something for everyone!

Chair Fit

This class is ideal for anyone with mobility issues but wishing to take part in a gentle, yet stimulating session. Life Fit_Chair FitPredominantly chair based, the class incorporates some elements of Pilates combined with strengthening, stretching and balance work. Under the guidance of Chartered Physiotherapist, Arlene Bowmaker, movements can be adapted to suit the individual’s needs and ability.  This class is also suitable for clients who may be post knee or hip operation using it as a rehabilitation session. Anyone in early stage Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis may be interested in attending.

Nordic walking

Nordic Walking is a safe, natural, dynamic fun activity where the use of a specially designed pair of Nordic Walking poles is added to your regular natural walking technique. Nordic Walking can burn similar amounts of calories as running, swimming or aerobics but without the effort being so noticeable.

Pilates Studio Circuit

If you want to add to your Pilates repertoire, then look no further than Pilates Studio Circuit sessions.  Using larger and specialised Pilates equipment this is a circuit style class suitable for all Pilates students. Experience different and wide ranging Pilates exercises and enhance your regular matwork sessions.Life Fit_Pilates Reformer

Antenatal Pilates

This class allows you to pursue safe and gentle exercise throughout your pregnancy.  Antenatal Pilates can help reduce back pain and strengthen stomach muscles. The class is taken by a Chartered Physiotherapist and can help with common discomforts of pregnancy.

Find out more about the range of classes on the Life Fit website here.


Life Fit also offer a range of specialist health and wellness talks and presentations.  The next event on Wednesday 28 June will discuss all aspects of Arthritic Hip issues.  Presented by Chartered Physiotherapist David Bowmaker the event will provide information regarding the underlying degenerative process and practical advice about how to manage pain, maintain function and keep as active as possible.

For further information, to find out about future events or to read more about previous presentations visit the Life Fit website

If you haven’t visited Life Fit Wellness before – why not drop in and see for yourself how they could help you to improve your well being

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