Tenant Tuesday: GMB Scotland

This weeks Tenant Tuesday is GMB Scotland who joined us earlier in the year. GMB are a trade union with almost 639,000 members across the UK. They act as a general union which means that anyone can join. GMB members are men and women, young and old or even retired, working full and part time, and are made up of a wide and diverse cross section of Britain’s society.

gmb logo

What do they do?

They campaign for their members, focusing on protecting GMB members in their workplace while growing the number of members in order to strengthen the union’s power.

Every day of the year GMB offers protection at work and solves problems for GMB members. GMB provide back up, representation and advice on every issue related to members life at work.

How is the support provided?

The support that they provide is delivered through the 25,000 Workplace Organisers which are GMB trained individuals who give their time voluntarily to help their work colleagues.

On top of this their are full time GMB organisers. These organisers are a team of experts on a range of issues including legal specialists, health and safety experts, pension specialists, human resource management staff and experts on terms and conditions. GMB can offer support and guidance with any issues or difficulties that you have in the workplace

GMB current campaigns

End the public sector pay pinch

The union are currently campaigning for workers in the public sector due to wage freezes since 2010. Occupations such as nurses, midwives and refuse collectors have had an average of £9000 taken away from their pay packets since 2010 and they face losing another £4000 in the next three years.  GMB is currently campaigning to end this freeze – if you are employed by the public sector, or know someone who is then there are many ways to get involved in this campaign. The campaign website can be found here.

Private hire taxi drivers

GMB represent private hire divers as they are currently being denied basic workers’ rights. Uber drivers, in particular, were found to be only receiving £5.03 per hour once all costs and fees were deducted. This is significantly below the minimum wage. The union is also fighting for private hire taxi drivers to receive holiday pay and an entitlement to breaks.

As many private hire drivers work from their smart phone while using an app, GMB is fighting for workers of this nature to be entitled to basic rights. This case could have a huge impact across the entire model of work as the number of people working in this way has increased in recent years.  If you are a private hire taxi driver then you can join GMB to get support at work and access to legal advice and services.

Hinkley Point C

GMB represents thousands of energy and construction workers who will benefit from the government decision to go ahead with building the first new nuclear power station in a decade.  GMB has campaigned for a number of years to keep the lights on, making sure there is a secure energy supply and to create over 25,000 skilled jobs in the UK economy.

gmb protest

What work issues do they support?

GMB can help its members with a variety of issues including:

  • Discrimination respect at work
  • Discipline and dismissal
  • Maternity, paternity & other leave
  • Pay, hours & holidays
  • Pensions and retirement
  • Redundancy
  • Health and safety

To find out more about the union you can visit their website or follow them on Twitter.