Tenant Tuesday: ARK Care and Support

ARK Care and Support are this weeks Tenant Tuesday. ARK Care and Support are part of ARK Housing Association who support people to live good lives, at home and in their community. Although ARK Housing association is based in Edinburgh their Care and Support division is based within Falkirk Business Hub.

ARK provides care and support to adults who require assistance to live as valued and contributing members of their community. This care ranges from just a few hours per week to 24 hour around the clock care.

What do they specialise in?


The organisation specialises in a range of services for adults over the age of 16 who have complex and significant care requirements. These are mainly, but not exclusively, people with learning difficulties who have autism, early onset dementia or other physical or medical conditions.

ARK understand the vitality of good housing so are there to develop individual centred solutions which are specifically designed to better meet each individuals housing needs.

What other support can they provide?

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If possible, ARK Care and Support aim to ensure that service users can have their medical needs met in their own home. They will work jointly with community medical staff to help minimise reliance on hospital admission. Those suffering from long-term illnesses, such as cancer, are also able to receive care and support from the organisation. In addition, ARK can offer support for their partners and/or family through a clearly difficult period.

Additionally, ARK Care and Support can offer help to those who require focussed support to maintain their tenancy or carry out a particular activity, for example going to college or work.

Self-directed support

ARK Care and Support emphasise the importance of leading an independent life for as long as possible. Self-directed support encourages individuals to have control over how your money is spent as well as the person thinking about what support they need to lead their life in the right direction.

Self-directed support uses a budget which is agreed by the Social Work department and once this is agreed individuals in need have the ability to use that money to access what support they require. This could be at home, work, whilst studying or to accompany service users on short breaks.

If you or someone you know would like to receive this service you should first contact the Social Work department; however, for more information you can contact ARK.

Short breaks

ark 3In addition to traditional types of support, ARK also supports its service users to chose a short break that is meaningful to them and provides a life-enhancing experience.

Why do they do this?

They do this as they acknowledge the right that everyone has as a citizen to enjoy a break away. They ensure that both the planning and experience provide positive outcomes for both the service user and their carers/families.

Get in touch

You can find full details of all the services that ARK Care and Support offer on their website. Their full contact details can be found here and you can also like ARK Housing Association on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.