Bringing people together: The Rise of Coworking

Coworking at The Hub

The word coworking tends to give images of men with beards, vintage clothing and those not in the social mainstream working in Scandinavian inspired workspaces. However, coworking is heating up, becoming a hot new trend and becoming the norm for your regular office worker. And it’s not just small businesses adopting this working practice – big corporate companies such as Santander and Microsoft are jumping on board.

So why is it becoming so popular?


What actually is it?

Let’s start with the basics…. The correct spelling is ‘coworking’ and not ‘co-working’! That hyphen makes all the difference…. Spelling it with the hyphen refers to the act of any group of people working together on a task/project. Whereas, coworking without the hyphen refers to the phenomenon and is the correct spelling when talking about coworking spaces.

There are different types of coworking: for instance, some businesses are implementing internal forms of coworking into their offices to encourage different departments to work with one another. On top of this, there are specialised coworking spaces, like The Falkirk Business Hub,  which provide a working area for freelancers, start ups and the alike which gives them the opportunity to network with others, discuss ideas and help each other out.


Although intangible, coworking provides a range of benefits. An array of entrepreneurially minded individuals in a working space can help encourage creativity through the sharing of ideas and can lead you on the track to innovation. Particularly for start-ups,  this can lead to access to a selection of business people who they can seek advice and guidance from which otherwise they may not have had access to. Coworking can undoubtedly lead to increased productivity!


Issues of data protection and privacy always arise when discussing coworking, however, spaces normally provide private rooms which can be used if a private matter is in question. At The Hub in Falkirk, this is not a problem as small rooms are available where sensitive matters can be discussed. Closed individual desks are also available that can be used if necessary.

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Coworking at The Hub is a great way to come together with other business people – and you don’t even need to book! Just drop in today and rent a desk for as little as an hour and you will be on your way.