Why off-site meetings are better than on-site meetings

Meeting spaces at The Hub

Meetings away from your place of work can be extremely advantageous allowing employees to get the most out of their day. During meetings, it is vital that there is a productive working community and constant collaboration in order for the project or task to move forward.

Hosting professional meetings off-site has a series of benefits which create the perfect meeting environment. Away from the mad daily grind and distractions in the office, off-site work meetings can create a new positive working environment.

1. They inspire creativity

Repetitive meetings in the same meeting room, in the same place, with the same people can become extremely tedious and deter creative thinking. While brainstorming in order to come up with a new ideas, being in a new place encourages employees to come away from their usual thinking and generate creative ideas.

2. They increase productivity

When employees are away from the office they are able to have time away from the everyday distractions in their usual work environment. In a new location, they can devote their thinking to the current task without thinking about previous tasks or issues back in the office.

3. They include new technology

The meeting rooms at Falkirk Business Hub include a flat screen TV which clients can easily plug in their laptop or tablet with the cables provided for easy display of presentations or documents to all of those in attendance. This allows you to be creative with presentations and there is then no need to worry about having paper copies for everyone.

4. They can boost morale

The spacious meeting rooms allow you to organise fun team building exercises into your off-site meetings. These exercises are likely to lift the mood throughout the group and there’s no doubt this will create a more positive work ethic. Experiencing a new location is exciting for employees!

5. They give fresh perspective

A change in atmosphere is likely to incur fresh ideas when brainstorming. Being in the same place everyday all day can easily make your brain slow down so a new location can refresh employees minds.

If hosting an offsite meeting is a new concept to you it is important to consider these benefits and what it could do for you and your team. We have meeting rooms for as little as £12 per hour!