Meet the Tenants

We sat down with Fiona Govan from Shipco Transport this week to find out why she likes working out of Falkirk Business Hub! 

Shipco has 60 plus offices worldwide and Fiona is the only employee who is based in Scotland! She is the VP of Client Relations and is responsible for global accounts which means she travels often! Her base is one of the two-person offices within the Hub.

About Fiona

Fiona lived and worked in New York, USA for 22 years! She is originally from the Falkirk area and when asked she explains that she never had foreseen moving back to Scotland. But when family situations brought her home she made the most of it and truly loves being back!

The Community Aspect

Since Fiona has dealings in all time zones it didn’t matter which country she worked out of. It was decided that she would continue her job with Shipco Transport and work out of Falkirk Business Hub when she moved back to Scotland.

The alternative would have been working out of a spare bedroom at home. Fiona says: “This works for some people but not for me. I need human interaction and the routine.” Fiona likes leaving home at the same time and working the full day. She also loves the community aspect at the Hub as she is on her own within her office but gets to interact with our reception hosts and other tenants on a daily basis. 

Fiona says: “ My day could never end if I worked at home.”. She finds it much easier to switch off having a working environment outside of the home. Falkirk Business Hub gives her the structured day she desires.