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Reaction Counselling

Reaction Counselling has been based within Falkirk Business Hub for over four years. Fiona McMonagle and Margaret Lee are qualified, accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapists (CBT). They offer confidential therapy sessions to individuals seeking counselling. They are both warm and genuine people with a passion for helping others to work through their difficulties so they can make the most of their lives. 

Change the way you act, think and feel

Seeking counselling is a sign of strength, not weakness. It shows that you have courage and are willing to embark on a journey of change to make the most of you. CBT is a collaborative therapy between you and your therapist. During the first session you will usually be asked to consider what you expect to get from therapy, you will then set a goal to give a focus to the sessions. CBT involves looking at the relationship between your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviours – changing either one can have a knock on effect on the others. 

Reaction Counselling also offers group work to deal with insomnia, mindfulness, stress management and self esteem. Corporate training sessions on coping with stress and other issues are available on request.

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