Meet The Hosts

When you walk into Falkirk Business Hub you are greeted by one of our friendly Hosts.

During the week we have Sharon and Sylvia on duty! They are the face of the Hub on a daily basis and handle everything from guests, phone calls, virtual office services, mail handling services, arranging meetings and coordinating events.

Sharon has worked as a Host for six years and her favourite aspect of her job is that it is like a big family at the Hub.

“Sylvia and Sharon are so helpful and efficient. They are the first impression of the place and they make it a great one.” – Eric Smith, FBH Coworker

Sylvia has worked at FBH for five and a half years, but it’s hard to imagine the pair without one another! They are the dream team! Sylvia enjoys meeting the variety of different people that work in the building and that walk through the door.

Virtual Office Services

FBH’s Virtual Office or HubTouchdown services are ideal if you are self-employed and need additional support to manage your mail or calls! Sharon and Sylvia agree the narrative with you to use when answering the phone as a representative of your company.

Get in touch with the Falkirk Business Hub team and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on our office space, coworking, meeting rooms or other services we offer.