Is it time for your business to make use of Falkirk Business Hub?

Running your own business can be extremely challenging; however, Falkirk Business Hub provides a range of services to local business people across central Scotland to help ease these difficulties.

With a range of meeting spaces, business community and our spacious coworking lounge, The Hub can help you overcome the challenges of your business. Keep on reading to find out the four main reasons to come down to The Hub:

1. You’re tired of trailing round coffee shops

Understandably, people often find that the distractions at home minimises their productivity and working elsewhere is a lot more favourable, so often you find yourself opting to take time away from home and work in a local café or coffee shop.

However, the noise of a busy coffee shop isn’t always the best working environment. The background music along with the barista calling out customers’ names over the constant chatter of coffee lovers is bound to keep you distracted from your work and the size of the table isn’t always conducive to juggling your laptop, paperwork and your coffee!

The temperamental slow internet connection also can’t be anyone’s best friend, and will no doubt minimise efficiency of whatever kind of work you do.

What you need: A spacious desk with reliable wifi without the challenges and distractions of coffee shop surfing.

The HubLounge provides coworking facilities for local business people and you are able to join as a “pay as you go” or monthly member.


2. You need a meeting space to meet with your clients

Meeting with a client in person allows you to build a more personal relationship opposed to email or telephone communication. This in turn will lead to increased client satisfaction and customer retention. Often small business owners struggle to find a good venue to meet with clients which presents a professional approach.

What you need: A private meeting room with equipment for visual presentations in addition to reliable internet connection.

Falkirk Business Hub has a range of meeting rooms available to hire for up to 59 people. We also have small rooms available by the hour which comfortably accommodate 2 people – if you simply need a quiet professional space to meet.


3. You wish to have your own office space

Your business is expanding – what was once a lone venture has grown to become a small business with a few members of staff. If your business is thriving, working at home or in a coffee shop isn’t ideal. You need a space where you can all come together and work comfortably with one another.

What you need: A small office space that allows you to work all together and collectively share ideas.

Falkirk Business Hub has 50 serviced office suites over three floors in a variety of sizes. We have over 35 businesses at The Hub and are currently fully occupied however our flexible agreements mean that we often have space become available. Get in touch to find out more, arrange a viewing or join our waiting list.  Or come and view our HubLounge and consider our corporate membership, where all your colleagues can work on a flexible basis.

office space

4. You need a venue to host your business event

If you’re looking for a space to host an upcoming event for your business and holding it in a crowded restaurant with poor lights and sound systems doesn’t sound attractive then the The Hub has a solution!

What you need: A large space where you can host an event to network with your clients.

The HubLounge is our coworking space which can also be easily converted to accommodate seminars or events for up to 59 people. With a wall mounted 50 inch flat screen television that can also be connected via HMDI or USB to a laptop, sonos sound system and flexible layout, the HubLounge is ideal for presentations, exhibitions, drinks receptions or special events.

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