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Gnosis Falkirk

Gnosis: wisdom of the heart

For the spiritually hearted, Falkirk has something new at The Falkirk Business Hub – a free 12 week Course. These “introduction to Gnosis” classes are running continuously throughout the year.

Each week the course focuses on a new subject such as Meditation, Astral Projection or Esoteric Psychology. The one hour classe always ends with a practise session with the students given “homework” to practise in their own houses.

The benefits of the course are many. For those who learn to meditate this includes inspiration, creativity and intuition. Some are drawn to our relaxation practises, as people suffer from the stress and strain of modern life. Others come to study the science of how to quieten the Mind, or how to transform negative inner states or painful problems that they face in their daily life.

We also look deeply at the ancient science of dreams and Astral Projection, their meanings and the wisdom we can extract from them. In all ancient societies dreams were respected and studied. The Aztecs would concentrate on the chirping sound of crickets to enter into the astral world. The Egyptians would mentally repeat special phrases or mantras as they fell asleep to enter superior dimensions.  Painters included these topics in their great works of art and the bible constantly references dreams or visions. This interesting topic is covered in great detail and practises are given to learn how to astral project consciously and interpret our dreams.

The course also looks at our own individual psyche or what is known in esoteric psychology as the ego and we teach how to dissolve our fears, anxieties or complexes.

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The lectures also touches on ancient art, music, poetry, dance as well as great cultures and sublime civilisation like the Egyptians, Aztecs or Mayans and uncovers how Gnosis (knowledge) was passed on through the great works of Mozart, Beethoven, Leonardo De Vinci, Shakespeare, The Alchemists and the poet Rumi.

The course puts much emphasis on the practical side rather than theory and at the end of the 12 week Introductory into Gnosis course the student can decide if they wish to continue studying deeper into these subjects. It is important to stress, at no time do we charge for the course as they are always free. It is our deeply held philosophy that knowledge, especially the wisdom of the heart, should not be bought or sold.

We invite you to attend our course, you will receive a warm welcome. Just come any Saturday 11am-midday or Monday 7pm-8pm at The Falkirk Business Hub, just 1 minute walk from Falkirk Grahamston Railway Station. Find us on Facebook Gnosis Falkirk.

John Poole
Gnosis Falkirk

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