Get Social…

The Hub hosted another informative social media seminar with Peter Graham from Bridge Interactive, a design and digital marketing consultant who collaborates with Jigsaw PR & Marketing.


The seminar provided a comprehensive follow up to a recent workshop held by Peter, which covered the fundamentals of the main social media channels for business and discussed trends in digital marketing.


Peter delved into the practicalities of social media marketing for small to medium businesses.  There were some interesting learnings.

Social media is fast overtaking traditional media channels giving businesses and individuals the opportunity to directly communicate with their customers and other stakeholders.  Stats show that 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media, this highlights how important it is for small businesses to engage socially and plan a strategic approach to social media. Consider the tone of voice you’ll use across all channels because your social media profile is an important reflection of your business, and its leadership.  Engaging with people through social media requires two-way communication. You aren’t dictating, you’re engaging directly with customers so ultimately managing good and bad conversations.


Another interesting statistic highlighted in the seminar is that 13-year olds can now join LinkedIn! As a professional social channel, having younger demographics shows how integrated it is in career building from a young age.


Facebook for business has the capacity to set up out of office responses, as well as automated replies. Customers look for speed of response and convenience so now more likely to message a business than to pick up the phone.  An interesting development is that Facebook adverts can be tailored to show when the target audience is online. This maximises your Return on Investment (ROI).


Instagram is fast overtaking Facebook in terms of popularity. Owned by Facebook, Peter highlighted that adverts created for Facebook can be seamlessly placed on the Instagram channel so a cost effective way of maximising presence on both channels.


Positive and managed engagement is essential for start-up companies.  One of the best ways to improve positive engagement is through useful and engaging content, and copy that’s educational, rather than promotional. Identifying your buyer’s problems and creating solutions with your content is a valuable tip!


The world of social media and digital marketing is fast paced, these channels can be an invaluable asset for any business yet incredibly daunting to the uninitiated. For future advice on Social Media please visit- or 


Alternatively, please contact Jigsaw PR & Marketing with any particular questions or social media training enquiries.