FixersUK Filming at The Hub


We had the pleasure of hosting some very talented people here at FBH at the end of April.


After several months discussion organising the shooting of a ‘music video’  in and around FBH, the wet and windy April day arrived for the crew.


Much of the morning was spent in the HubLounge getting various shots at desks and in the work pods. The crew then headed off to the Kelpies for the afternoon but due to the bad weather only a limited amount of time could be spent there. Therefore, the crew headed back to FBH and finished the day’s shooting in Jack’s Coffee House.


Particular congratulations must go to the producer/director, Sarah Hodgetts, and the star of the video, Jake Neufeld. There could hardly be a more topical subject than depression at this time, so soon after the suicide of Robin Williams; so given the length of time in production, the release date is quite a coincidence.

Douglas Farqhuar
Falkirk Business hub


So, here is a day’s filming, and many hours editing, encapsulated in only a few minutes: