Falkirk Entrepreneur Building Bridges of Care

Jaime MacSween, CEO of Logicalware who are based in Falkirk Business Hub took a trip of a lifetime to volunteer in Tanzania along with 11 other volunteers from Falkirk’s Trinity Church. The group volunteered with Vine Trust who are an international charity with a vision to see communities transformed.

It took the volunteers from Falkirk three flights, a ferry, and two buses to arrive at Sengerema where they stayed to volunteer at the Village of Hope in Tanzania.

They received a warm welcome on their arrival on the 28th of May. There was lots of singing and dancing and they were welcomed by representatives from the local ward and executive officers from the Kazunza local government. There were also senior representatives from the African Inland Church of Tanzania present, who are the key partner with the Vine Trust on this project.

They were there to provide construction support to the locals to build homes. This involved carrying buckets of water, moving boulders, mixing and moving cement and even some building and cementing the foundations along with the local builders. One of their tasks was also to build a cairn on top of the hill. This was no easy feat as it involved carrying stones, buckets of water, sand and cement up the hill. 

Throughout their time there they also attended the local church. There was an estimated 1,000 people in attendance for a three hour service which also involved singing and energetic dancing. The group also visited young children at Sengerema AIC day care centre. They gave each child a pack which the young people at Trinity in Falkirk had made up. The packs each contained a large notebook, pencil, coloured pencils, eraser, sharpener and balloons. The children were over the moon with this kind gesture from children half the world away. 

On their last day they held a small ceremony at the cairn attended by local dignitaries. The volunteers attached the map of the area and plaque. They sang together and the group described this as a very moving moment. The volunteers also purchased 100 football tops to hand to the children on their last day. The children were extremely grateful of such a kind gesture and the volunteers were sad to be leaving as they boarded the bus that evening. As they watched out the bus windows all they could see was smiling faces waving and wishing them farewell. 

All of us at Falkirk Business Hub would like to say a massive well done to Jamie and to all of the volunteers from Falkirk Trinity Church! It’s great to see our tenants not only thrive in business but give their time to those less fortunate in our world, an excellent example of a forward thinking, well-rounded entrepreneur.