Social Enterprise Academy – Module 1

Entrepreneurial Leadership through Cross-Sector Collaboration

Small and medium sized enterprises account for 99% of all businesses in Scotland. This is where entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs are found.

The Scottish Family Business Association (SFBA) and the Social Enterprise Academy have designed an opportunity for those entrepreneurs to learn with peers and share experiences between the social enterprise and family business worlds.

Join us to share strategies for increased profitability, viability and impact, and successful succession.
During this programme you will:

+ Explore current challenges and opportunities in social enterprise and family business leadership
+Connect with high profile practitioners in both sectors
+Gain insight and knowledge from dynamic speakers across sectors
+Use cross-sector learning to create
shared strategies for local economic growth and community resilience
+Improve your sustainability, profitability, governance and succession with support through peer learning

Who is it for?

There are 18 places available for social entrepreneurs and family business leaders in Scotland, including local business champions whose mindset reflects community-oriented values.