How to Create Raving Fans For Your Business #Finance


OK, so your customers may not tattoo your logo onto their bodies in the same way as Harley Davidson fans do but how do you create loyalty within your customer base?

You’ll have heard the statistic claiming that it costs 6 times more to get a new customer than it does to get an existing one to buy once more. Yes? So have you taken the time to think about your Customer Acquisition Cost and your Customer Lifetime Value?

What about the Customer Journey someone goes on from when they make first contact with you all the way through to the after-sales experience and beyond. Have you clearly mapped this out?

People still talk about ‘Customer Satisfaction’ but this isn’t good enough these days. Who wants to be just ‘satisfied’? It’s imperative we aim to delight our customers each and every time we touch them. Why? The better the experience, the more loyal a customer becomes and the more loyalty we breed in people, the more likely they’ll move up the ‘ladder of loyalty’ and become Raving Fans of our business.

What’s covered?

  • The Ladder of Loyalty and how to use this superbly simple framework to create your customer service system
  • The importance of knowing your Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value
  • The significance of grading customers and designing your customer service system around your ideal customers
  • Your Net Promoter Score and why your ‘detractors’ could and should be your best friends!
  • An understanding of ’emotion and logic’ in the buying decision and the role that ‘Critical Non-Essentials’ can play

Who is this event for?

  • You are committed to growing your business through providing an excellent customer experience
  • You are doing a good job but want to learn practical steps to take to accelerate your growth

Who is presenting?

Alan Smith is a certified Business Coach who specialises in helping SME owners grow their business. Having won numerous business awards Alan is one of the most rated coaches in Scotland. Alan has real passion and enthusiasm for business and with a Net Promoter Score of 88 and an enviable line up of successful clients, Alan has the credentials and the engaging style to make this a superb event.

Royal Bank of Scotland & Falkirk Business Hub are delighted to host play host to this event.