drivenlower Aims to Empower Motorists After Acquiring Software Firm

Scottish entrepreneur, Jamie MacSween of drivenlower is aiming to reduce the costs and frustrations experienced by motorists dealing with insurance companies after acquiring a pioneering software business.

drivenlower based within Falkirk Business Hub, has taken over Edinburgh-based Logicalware whose customer service support software helps to direct enquiries to the appropriate operator. He says the technology will improve the customer experience by removing unnecessary conversations and delays.

Jamie is merging Logicalware with drivenlower, which has developed a device for collecting data on driver behaviour. The data from the device, which is attached to a vehicle’s windscreen, is examined by insurers and enables motorists to achieve lower premiums.

Jamie, who works from the co-working lounge within the Hub in Falkirk, believes that the combined technology of the two businesses will “empower” the motorist and help insurers to better understand their customers.  “Bringing the two businesses together should make for a more interactive experience,” says  Jamie, CEO of drivenlower. “Motorists normally only ever interact with their insurer at renewal time or when they make a claim. Our technology will give them more empowerment through having regular ‘conversations’ with their insurer who also wants to develop a relationship with the customer.”

Continuing to grow, Logicalware will add approximately £500,000 in turnover to drivenlower’s £1m recorded in 2016. The eight staff at Logicalware’s Haymarket office have joined drivenlower in Falkirk, taking the total headcount to 17.

To find out more about Jamie, read his interview with the Daily Business Magazine here.

We are delighted to see the continued success of one our key tenants here at The Hub. The future looks very exciting for Jamie and both the drivenlower and Logicalware teams – we look forward to seeing where 2018 takes this innovative firm from Falkirk!