Co-working Over the Years

Eric Smith has been working in the Falkirk Business Hub co-working facilities for over 5 years and has seen it evolve and change to suit the needs of those that use it.

The HubLounge Five Years Ago…

Eric worked for big corporations such as ICI and other Grangemouth based companies for over 30 years. He decided to become self-employed in 2007 and initially worked from home. Eric found working from home suitable at first but gradually he began to feel isolated and distracted. Even washing the dishes would be preferable to working some days. One of Eric’s clients is based in Edinburgh, so he began to look at flexible working space there but found it quite expensive for a one-person business and he didn’t fancy the commute plus additional travel expenses. At that time, Falkirk Business Hub was just opening its doors and offering a one-month free trial. Eric decided to take this up and within one week he had decided he was going to sign up permanently. He initially began on a 60-hour a month package but moved it to an Unlimited package which he is still currently on.

Independent business people working better, together

Eric feels he gets more work accomplished working out of the HubLounge than he did at home as he feels as if he is in a work environment. He enjoys coming into the Hub and entering “work mode”. Interacting with other people is also a huge positive to him. Eric feels that there is a great mixture of small companies, individuals, and larger companies using the HubLounge as a branch office. He explains that this allows you to network and even generate new business. It can also be great for some free advice from one professional to another!!

“Sylvia and Sharon, who are the Hosts at reception are so helpful and efficient. They are the first impression of the place and they make it a great one.”

He describes the environment as modern, comfortable and great with free printing. He loves the location of the Hub as it has easy car parking and Falkirk Grahamston Railway Station right on its doorstep. If he needs to meet with his Edinburgh clients he can quite easily walk to the train station and be there in less than half an hour.

Eric’s company is called ECS Administration & Proofreading. His taglines are accurate, quick, professional work. After so many years in the chemical industry he decided he wanted to play to his strengths and those are in his own words his attention to detail, being “picky” and analysing information. He offers proofreading to both small scale and large-scale projects.

Work How You Want

You can join the HubLounge as a “pay as you go” or monthly member. If you would like to visit and see the HubLounge for yourself – please drop in or contact us for more information.